How should you pick your Air Cooler?

How should you pick your Air Cooler?

How should you pick your air cooler?Nowadays, there are so many air coolers in the markets. So many brands and designs to choose from. Right value for right price is always desired.                                                                

                      But, what are the parameters you should consider in order to choose the right one? Well, here they are

Based on climateThe climate in which the air cooler operates also matters. Based on the climatic conditions of the place where you reside, you can choose between evaporative/desert coolers, or portable coolers.
Here is a picture depicting the effect of humidity on the cooling effect of air coolers:

SpeedIt is always feasible if the cooler has options for regulating speed.  Always settle with air coolers that provide a better cooling effect and less noise.Zazen series of air coolers work on BLDC motors which are known for noiseless functioning, high speed and great performance.

Water Level ControllerYour prospective cooler must have an automatic water level controller which can maintain water in the cooler at pre-set levels and prevent it from seeping out.
Remote ControlThis accessory gives you a hands on feeling for an easy and convenient mode of operation. With a remote control, you can also set the speed of the fan as per your whims.

Zazen’s air coolers come with bluetooth controlled remote sensing mechanism that ensures that you will receive cool,filtered air always, regardless of which corner of the room you are in, without having to manually adjust the position of the air cooler.                                                                    

Evaporative pad thicknessThis is also an important criterion to consider in order to obtain a good cooling effect. Ideal thickness is atleast 90 mm. Zazen series offers evaporative pads of thickness 

Based on area of operationOne must pick an air cooler keeping in mind the size of the room, space available to accommodate the air cooler and size of the cooler. If you need your air cooler to operate in a larger area, desert or evaporative coolers are the right choice. For smaller areas or personalized cooling, portable coolers will suffice. Size of the cooler depends on the area of the room to be cooled. Height of the ceiling from ground also plays an important role here. A simple formula would be CFM of cooler = (square feet area X height of the ceiling )/2. Zazen series of air coolers come in two different sizes- the 16″ air cooler with unit dimension 665*410*1163 mm and carton dimension 685*422*1185 mm ; the 14″ air cooler with unit dimension 518*340*899 mm and carton dimension 525*355*915 mm.

Air cooler throwAir cooler throw is an important parameter to judge the efficiency of an air cooler. Greater the throw, more the reach and more is the cooling range. While the general throw distance is about 33 ft, our air coolers offer an air throw of 35 ft.
RatingsA device with five star rating is the most energy efficient. Why is this important? Well, in today’s world, with our resources depleting in such a fast rate, it is of utmost importance to be aware of how much of power we consume. Always pick devices which are more energy efficient and if possible, use renewable energy sources.Zazen series of air coolers work with DC motors and work on DC power supply. This means our air coolers can also work on renewable energy like solar energy etc. that can be stored and utilized. Our air coolers are designed keeping the idea of sustainability in mind and hence are very energy efficient and environment friendly.

Now that you know how to pick your air cooler, go ahead and choose wisely.
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