Advantages of DC Motors

Advantages of DC Motors

Zazen Systems is all about innovation. We want to bring to you, only the best. Our air coolers are different from the conventional ones. We have separated ourselves from the pack and have developed our air coolers in an innovative and sustainable manner.How?
Well, rather than running on Alternating Current, our appliance runs on Direct Current and Solar power. 
We use DC motors in our air coolers. 
Now, what advantages do DC motors have?

  • DC motors allow for precise speed and torque control applications
  • There’s a linear relationship between the armature voltage and speed of rotation of the DC motor
  • They offer greater performance than AC motors
  • DC installations lean more on the inexpensive side
  • Brushless DC motors are advantageous in terms of energy saving, longevity, compactness, light weight, low noise, and other environmental characteristics.

Thus we have exploited the advantages of using DC in order to make our appliance sustainable and environment friendly. 
For applications of DC motors in various upcoming automobile models, visit
What goes into making our air coolers? 

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